by Iulian on September 7, 2009


Leaders must be adaptable. You must be adaptable so that you can adapt the strategy to a certain situation and not the opposite. Leaders are conductors and a good conductor has instincts but besides this he has to evaluate all the alternatives before he takes a decision.

Leaders must have a bold thinking. You must beat the problem quickly and decisively at the right time. The courage is an important characteristic when you lead. And when you are leading it’s the moment to exploit it fully.

Stay away from that leaders which are bold when the chances are against them.

Leaders must be truly aware of the reality. A good conductor starts building the strategy using all the data offered by the battlefield and builds it from scratch till the finest details. When the strategy will be ready it’ll be a simple but strong one.

Leaders must be lucky. The luck can play a major role in being successful; the only demand is to know how to exploit it. And when the luck disappears you must be prepared to cut your losses as soon as possible.

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John Fagan 09.14.09 at 7:59 am

I have found it easy to make a sale online as long as you focus on the person calling. You must be a very personal person or you will never talk with them again. That is what it takes to be a marketing leader.

glass 09.15.09 at 3:20 am

Вот решил вам немного помочь и послал этот пост в социальные закладки. Очень надеюсь ваш рейтинг возрастет.

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